Applying for a Watering Restriction Exemption or Variance

The application form below is for an exemption from Section 4-1-4, WATERING RESTRICTIONS, of the Water Waste Ordinance.

(A) All spray irrigation during the period beginning on April 1 and ending on October 31 of each year must occur between 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 a.m. This restriction shall not apply to drip irrigation and low precipitation bubblers, hand watering, or watering of containerized plants and plant stock.

  • One day only exemption where treatment with an application of chemical requires immediate watering to preserve the existing landscape or to establish a new landscape.
  • One day only exemption to allow for spray irrigation necessary where the irrigation system has been disabled for longer than forty-eight hours and immediate watering is required to preserve the existing landscape.
  • 30 day exemption allowing for spray irrigation necessary to establish new sod.
  • 45 day exemption to allow for spray irrigation necessary to establish inter-seeded (also known as reseeded) within an existing turf area.
  • 120 day variance allowing for spray irrigation to establish newly seeded areas with the intent of establishing a turf area.

You will be notified whether your exemption or variance application has been approved or denied.

If you require assistance to complete your application, please contact the Water Waste Hotline at 842-9287 (option 5).

ATTENTION: Effective April 1, 2019, ALL applications for Time of Day Exemptions or Water Waste Variances will require an on-site inspection by a Water Conservation Specialist. Be prepared to verify square footage of area and provide an irrigation schedule. During our busy season, we ask that you contact us 2 weeks prior to the start of your project in order to schedule your site visit.

Time-of-Day Exemption Application Form


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