Relying as it does on surface water from the San Juan-Chama Drinking Water Project, the Water Authority takes seriously its commitment to preserving the Rio Grande’s riparian ecosystem.

Thus, in conjunction with six conservation groups, the Water Authority has established a special “Living River Fund” that will allow water rights to be purchased so that water can be kept in the Rio Grande rather than being diverted for other uses. This will benefit the river’s ecosystem and help in preservation efforts for the endangered Silvery Minnow. This program is in addition to $225,000 that the Water Authority has contributed to a first-of-its-kind water leasing program that will lease water back from farmers so it can be kept in the river.

As a Water Authority customer, you can contribute one dollar per month to the Living River Fund using the checkbox on your water bill. If you are interested in donating more than one dollar you must make the donation in person at the Water Authority’s customer service office at One Civic Plaza in downtown Albuquerque.