To protect the public water system, any water customer that uses hazardous materials is required to install backflow prevention devices at the service connection.

In addition, all non-residential irrigation systems must have a pressure vacuum breaker, spill-resistant pressure vacuum breaker or a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly at the service connection on the public water system. Such devices must be approved by the Water Authority.

Furthermore, to prevent contamination of the public water system all cross connections must be identified, documented, placed under control and monitored on a yearly basis. A cross connection is any actual or potential physical connection between a potable water line and any pipe, vessel or machine containing a non-potable liquid, or has the possibility of containing a non potable liquid, solid or gas, such that it is possible for the non-potable liquid, solid or gas to enter the potable water system by backpressure or backsiphonage (backflow).

Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester must inspect and test backflow prevention assemblies in accordance with approved methods and procedures and complete and submit accurate and timely reports (download a copy of the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report) to the Cross Connection Control Office.

For more information contact the Cross Connection Office:


James Baca, Manager: (505) 289-3454
Gilbert Paris, Inspector: (505) 289-3465
Sarah Abeyta, Office Assistant: (505) 289-3417

Fax: (505) 289-3503