STEP C – Soil Amendment Facility

Biosolids Can Be Made into Compost, Spread on Land, or Buried

The Soil Amendment Facility takes the biosolids after they have been dewatered (upper left). They will use about one third of the biosolids to make compost that helps plants grow. Compost recipes need food and microorganisms, but these have already been removed from the biosolids. We add horse bedding and landscaping clippings and trimmings from parks around town.

In the upper right, you can see the SCARRB which turns rows every three days to maintain heat and composting. In the lower left, you can see the screener that removes large pieces of sticks or trash from the compost. We sell the compost to customers who order it (lower right).

Leftover biosolids that are not needed for compost are used by ranchers to improve rangeland. Any leftover biosolids are buried.