Conservation Activities

  • Car Washing activity
    • How much water is wasted washing a car? Time how long it takes to wash your car. To calculate how much water it would take to do this without any conservation measures find out how much water comes out of your hose in 10 seconds and then figure out how much in a minute. How many minutes did it take to wash the car? Can you come up with a better way to wash your car and use less water? (Note: Wash your car in the yard, not on the street or driveway where the water is wasted and runs into the storm drains.)
  • Greywater activity
    • This is the water from your bathroom sink, dishwasher, washing machine, or shower. Can we use greywater for watering lawns and plants? For a look at an award-winning project on this topic, look at the Science Buddies web site.