STEP 6 – The Clean Drinking Water Plant

The Clean Drinking Water Plant

Where were you in December, 2008? That is when we started using cleaned river water. Now our water is a mix of underground water and cleaned river water.

The water from our underground aquifer is already clean when we pump it up. But river water is yucky. River water has bugs, trash, dirt, and bird or fish poop in it. We have to clean it. At our clean drinking water plant scientists make sure that the river water is completely clean before we send it to you.

When we use water from the river, we are saving our underground aquifer water. That water is like a savings account. We can use it when there is not enough rain or snow to fill the river.

This is the Clean Drinking Water Plant,
that ran the pumps,
that filled the pipes,
attached to the faucet,
that filled the cup,
that held the water
that Jack drank.