If you smell a strong odor of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) in your neighborhood, this can be an indication of changing conditions or other problems in the sewer collection system.

If you notice the odor in your house, first check your P-traps. Odors can occur when P-traps dry out, so try running water through them for 60 seconds.  Another common cause of odors is a wax toilet seal in need of replacement.

If odors don’t seem related to indoor plumbing issues, you can call our dispatch office at (505) 842-9287 – Option 1 to report the problem, or fill out and submit the Odor Control Request Form below. Please include your telephone number so we can call to get more information and confirm that we are following up on the problem.

Note: This service is only  for Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority customers.

For the first complaint, we will typically have a cleaning crew investigate to verify that a main line blockage has not occurred. For recurring odor problems, it is important that you fill out the Odor Control Request Form so that we can take the proper steps to address the issue.

The Water Authority thanks you for helping us meet our strong commitment to addressing sewer odors.


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