Pro Rata fees are costs assessed against a property to help offset the construction costs associated with the extension of public water and sewer main lines and services.

Such lines are typically installed by third party developers, at their expense, in order to serve a nearby parcel of land. The property being pro rated must have direct access to the water and sewer lines in order for the assessment to be considered valid. Pro Rata fees do not constitute a lien against the property but are due and must be paid in full at the time of application for water or sanitary sewer service, or prior to approval of any new work orders associated with the pro rated property.

Requests for determination of outstanding pro rata assessments may be filled out and submitted online using this form, or hand delivered, or faxed, or e-mailed to the Water Authority. The customer must provide a Request Form with their contact information, a zone atlas map with the subject property highlighted, the legal description of the property, and UPC. The UPC and legal description can be found on the property tax bill or obtained from the County Assessor’s office.

Zone Atlas pages are available for download at no charge via the Bernalillo County website at the following web address:

A letter indicating the results of the pro rata search will be available for pickup within two (2) to three (3) business days from the date of the request. A $50.00 fee will be required for the determination and is payable when the document is obtained by the customer.

In order to provide a higher level of service to customers that routinely request determinations in excess of 5 per month, an option is now available to establish a monthly billing account for pro rata inquiries in lieu of making separate payments for each determination. By establishing an account, the customer will receive the benefit of signed .pdf responses via email. This will both reduce turnaround time for the customer, as well as alleviate the need for the customer to make regular trips to obtain hard copies of the document(s).

Customers choosing to setup a monthly billing account must make application with New Services at Plaza del Sol, 600 2nd Street NW, Suite 201. There will be no charge to setup the account, nor will there be any recurring costs associated with the account beyond the standard $50.00 fee per request. The process is not mandatory but is available strictly for the convenience of our customers.

Edwin Bergeron, 505.818.1640
Benjamin Dallas, 505.289.3404
Edd Kemp, 505.289.3311

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Request for Determination of Outstanding Pro Rata Assessments

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