WorkKeys is a national assessment tool that uses multiple-choice tests to measure real-world skills and career readiness. The Water Authority still considers education, resumes, and credentials for many positions.

WorkKeys helps identify the level of skills you possess to determine your potential for success on the job. While WorkKeys scores are only required for certain Water Authority’s positions, knowing your scores can help you determine your skill based levels and be used as a recognized credential in the hiring process. Through WorkKeys, the Water Authority can also consider applicants who do not have educational credentials or are new to the workforce, starting a new career, or returning to work. To learn more about the WorkKeys Assessment, click here.

To schedule an appointment to take the WorkKeys Assessment, click here.

Improving Your Workkeys© Assessment Scores

WorkKeys gives you a snapshot of your current skills. However, if your scores are not as high as you would like, you can improve your skills for free by learning and practicing problems using the online program KeyTrain ©. KeyTrain will help you improve your skill scores by at least one level. After completing KeyTrain, you’ll be able to re-take the WorkKeys Assessment. Remember – The more you increase your skills, the more access you’ll have to better-paying jobs.

Request a KeyTrain© account online by clicking here or by calling the City of Albuquerque’s Public Service University at 768-3200.