Low Income Credit Program – (For Homeowners Only)

The Low Income Credit (LIC) program provides a monthly utility credit, up to $29.77, to low-income homeowners for water, wastewater, and solid waste.

Participation in the program must be renewed annually.

The Low Income Credit Program is administered by both:

Contacts for Water & Sewer Bill Assistance – (For Homeowners or Tenants)

Local agencies may be able to help those in need pay their water and sewer bills.  A list of agencies and their contact information is available here.

Water Assistance Fund (WAF) Grants – (For Homeowners or Tenants)

One-time, emergency help for Low-Income homeowners or tenants who pay Water Authority water and sewer bills. Approved applications may receive up to $150 towards their bill.

The Water Assistance Fund Grants are administered by only: