5.5-Acre Solar-Covered Parking Lot Helps Water Authority Achieve 20% Renewables Status

APRIL 28, 2021–Just in time for Earth Day, the Water Authority announced last week that it has achieved 20 percent reliance on renewable energy – part of it generated by a new, 6.3MW solar covered parking array at the utility’s northside drinking water treatment plant and operations facility.

The new array, which covers approximately 5.5 acres (about 223,800 square feet) is believed to be the largest in the state. It and other solar panels generate almost 25% of the plant’s power needs, and are part of a portfolio of renewable energy projects now providing 20 percent of ALL the Water Authority’s power.

“This is another example of the Water Authority’s commitment to sustainability,” said Water Authority Board Chairman Steven Michael Quezada. “As one of the largest power users in the region, we must do what we can to reduce carbon emissions by turning to alternative power sources.

Solar array covered parking, seen from above.